We strongly recommend at least 2 applications. The chance of getting admitted depends on the number of applications submitted. The worst case scenario is to submit 1 application
We have about 99% success rate so far. Even though our success rate is very high, however, it is not a 100% – meaning that admission is not 100% guaranteed. There are a numbers of variables that determine admission success, namely: The strength of your academic performances The strength of your experiences Meeting all the admission requirements including deadlines, etc
The fees the clients pay are exclusively for 2 things: Application(s) to the prospective school(s) and, Consultations
What supporting documents to submit depend on whether it is an undergraduate or postgraduate admission that is being applied for. For an undergraduate admission, you will need to send: Transcripts of your High School and all other schools that you attended. Official WEAC/GCE Results Referees (may be needed) For a postgraduate (Master or PhD) admission, you will most likely need the following documents: All post-secondary school transcripts Comprehensive Curriculum Vitae (CV) Research interest (personal) statements (2-3 pages usually) Academic and/or Professional Referees
Submitting the admission request form is just the first step. There are many more steps to come afterward, namely: Regularly checking your email and promptly respond to our email messages. Pay the required fees. Any request without payment will not be processed. Information about fee payment will be emailed to you. Arrange and send the official supporting documents as will be directed on an email to be sent to you. Remain in touch with us through emailing or calling/text messaging us.